Welcome to Harwood Engines

JM Harwood, LLC, develops innovative solutions for small UAV Heavy Fuel Engines (HFE), including direct fuel injection (DFI) and engine management systems. JM Harwood is combining its proprietary technology with state of the art engine development to ensure that our troops have the equipment necessary to do their jobs.

Our Mission:
  • Identify critical UAV Heavy Fuel Engine (HFE) technology gaps.
  • Develop innovative solutions that meet the warfighter’s needs.

Miniature Direct Fuel Injection (DFI)

Currently, no light-weight production direct fuel injection systems exist that are appropriate for small UAV heavy fuel engines.  JM Harwood identified this as the highest priority technology gap in the development of small heavy fuel UAV engines and is developing a miniature Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) system.

Heavy Fuel Combustion Test Bed

The Heavy Fuel Combustion Test Bed is our workhorse for small heavy fuel engine development. This test bed has been used to gather heavy fuel combustion data at both low and high compression ratios.  This test bed has been successfully run on heavy fuels.  JM Harwood has real world data on what can and cannot be done with heavy fuel engines...